Welcome to NOVA / TCB

NOVA/TCB provides custom bearings specifically designed and manufactured at our ZYZ/TCB plant, as well as other partners in Asia. NOVA/TCB and ZYZ/TCB are synonymous and represent each other’s interest in the markets they are located in. Together they have developed a reputation of providing the highest quality bearings available. We manufacture bearings and components to the customer's print specifications and requirements, as well as a variety of common bearings and components for the high volume aftermarket industry. NOVA/TCB also provides a large assortment of welded and seamless precision cut tubing to the automotive industry and machined parts to OEM’s around the world. NOVA/TCB and ZYZ/TCB, in a joint venture, manufacture rollers at their new automated facility. NOVA/TCB and ZYZ/TCB are expanding their common interest in multiple industries annually.

Bearings are available in many types & sizes including Taper, Cylindrical, Roller, Ball, Needle and Thrust. All bearings are made of AISI 52100 Through-Hardened Steel. The bearings manufactured at our ZYZ/TCB plant are inspected and confirmed to print specification and quality before they are shipped to our customers.

Bearing Components
Components and assemblies are manufactured utilizing automation and CNC technology to reduce the cost to our customers and improve capability and capacity. Upon arrival the components are dimensionally inspected for confirmation to print specification. They are then inventoried for Kanban shipments from the NOVA/TCB and ZYZ/TCB operations plant in TN. Components are supplied in various sizes and materials.

Super Finished Rollers
In 2010 Nova/TCB and ZYZ/TCB teamed to develop a roller manufacturing plant. The rollers are shipped in as ground condition and then super finished in our TN plant using a patented process to produce the best finish available. Nova/TCB ships over a million super finished rollers each month to the US Bearing Industry. The rollers are provided in various sizes and customer requirements. The rollers can be super finished to a 3µ inch finish or better without the use of expensive honing equipment, which provides a cost savings to the customer.

In an effort to continually expand as our customer’s needs grow, NOVA/TCB has developed consistent manufacturing capabilities in our TN plant. With the installation of Swiss Turning Machines and a number of Single Spindle Brown & Sharpe Screw Machines, NOVA/TCB has the capability and capacity to turn sizable production projects.

Automotive Tubing
NOVA/TCBs Cut Tube facility provides quality tubing to the US automotive industry. NOVA/TCB provides Cut/Formed Tubing in either seamless or welded steel tubing. If the specifications permit, the tubing can be cold-drawn to close tolerances on the inner and outer diameters. Often the cold-drawn product is more competitive than a "wrapped" tube product and provides savings to our customers.

Precision Machined Parts
NOVA/TCB and ZYZ/TCB have unlimited resources capable of providing parts that are customer specific and can be produced from a wide range of materials including Low Carbon Steel to Stainless Steel & Aluminum.

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