Nova/TCB, ZYZ/TCB and other off shore strategic partners continually update and add to their manufacturing capabilities. Improvements are often due to customer’s needs to expand their outsourcing efforts. Nova/TCB has expanded their manufacturing ability over the last two years with the installation of Screw Machines and Swiss Turning Machines. Nova can now take care of many products in house that may have been sourced in the past. We continue to search for additional opportunities to expand our in house manufacturing further.

In 2009 Nova/TCB saw the need to research new processes available in providing super finish quality without the cost associated with the expensive honing machines. The decision was made to invest in a patented and fairly new process which softens the asperities of the raw material for removal. The process makes it possible to achieve a 2µ inch finish in some conditions.



Nova/TCB & ZYZ/TCB combined their efforts and interests in 2010 to develop and open a roller manufacturing plant near our ZYZ/TCB plant. From the inception, the goal was to provide a fully functional roller manufacturing plant with all processes under one roof. Haining Powell Roller Factory has the capability to provide all necessary processes from heading through shipping. The rollers are then shipped to Nova/TCB’s TN plant for super finishing. The rollers are super finished to a 4µ inch finish or better before they are treated with a rust preventative and inventoried for Kanban shipments.


zyz autoline


During the last twelve months many changes have been made to ZYZ/TCB’s capabilities. Several new lines of automated CNC Grinders and Turning Machines were installed to replace the older more manual operations. This change facilitated the streamlining of many processes formerly associated to the older equipment. Capacity and efficiency has been increased while cost is decreased.



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